This is where you get Information about my current projects. Detailed exploration and development of certain topics or questions that fascinate me in an extraordinary way has proved very rewarding for me. The Projects are presented with the hope to get advice, inspiration, questions, critique and encouraging support.


Basic idea: to develop a 12-times (each 1,5hrs) self-defence course, that uses only one basic technique: the Wing Tsun chain-thrusts, revolving thrusts, forming a triangular structure of the arms, in front of the vital organs, aimed to the wick-line.

The course is arranged with attention to the ideas of easy and convenient learning promoted by the Feldenkraispedagogy and elements from Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® are used to simplify and speed up the understanding of the movement-pattern.

Basic structure:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Why do I proceed like this? Anatomical / bio-mechanical / physiological / psychological and sociological backgrounds.
  2. SKILL: How can I do it? Differentiating and integrating training-elements that lead to a supple and easy conduct of the basic technique: leaning by distinguishing. Using gravity in an effective way.
  3. ADAPTION / CRAETIVITY: When do I do it and how? Intuitive adaptation of the basic technique in a changing environment / space (laying, sitting, surprising, from behind, in situations of spatial restriction), playful contest with variations / Finding own variations: creativity.
  4. TRUST / BELIEF: I do it, because I take it for the best possibility to act. The perception, if trust in the basic technique is  improving or declining whilst it is becoming more familiar ( to perform it is getting easier and effect can be verified)
  5. INTEGRATION (the melting of all above mentioned aspects into one whole  spontaneous action)

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