Possible Applications

Generally the method is of preventive character and a prophylactic measure. From another perspective it is important to understand, that at the same time it is exceeding these boundaries by far, because for a “healthy person” it is a wonderful chance to learn to differentiate and integrate all vital and mental abilities step by step. This effect of the induced changes is far beyond the idea of prevention.

The method is no wayquestioning the privilege of medicine and therefore inappropriate in all acute medical incidents, including all cases in which the concern is not clear yet. Nevertheless the spheres of medicine and the Feldenkraiswork are overlapping each other slightly: mainly in the field of rehabilitation and pain-control. Everybody that likes to reassure himself should consult his doctor for agreement, before joining a lesson in Awareness Thruogh Movement® or Functional Integration®.

The method is suitable in a wide range of personal wishes or goals, because its emphasis is on the very basic movements and functions of us humans:

General improvements in every-day life and in the job

to walk with ease, to stand longer with less effort and to sit without effort,

to rediscover a natural body-posture without restrictions,

to loose weight by increasing passion for movement,

to get an impression of what graceful movement feels like and how to maintain it,

to improve posture,

to improve balance and to be lass afraid of falling to the ground,

to improve special perception and therefore reduce bulges,

to stimulate the circulatory system,

to do something pleasant for yourself, to take your time,

to enrich erotic encounters and enable full sexual satisfaction

to embellish the body by moving  with pleasure and ease,

to retrieve a loving relationship with the own body,

to be able to lay on the floor in convenience,

to proceed from a sitting to a standing position and reverse easily,

to be able to a complete climax of pleasure,

to augment concentration and to get on in fields where seemingly nothing is moving any more,

to learn to do one thing after the other,

to facilitate the orgasm-function,

to be able to percept many things at a time without loosing orientation,

the skill to decide what is important,

to drive with less effort (handling the wheel, parking, getting in and out, peripheral vision)

to get to know yourself better

to simplify the morning-routine of turning out of bed

for the facilitation of work

to improve your sexual abilities and to experience full sexual potency

to reduce tension and pain as a result of single-sided body-postures (for example computer-work, screen-work, all sitting jobs, for musicians or frequent-drivers


Improving Sports skills

to emphasize own performance

to be your own running-analyst

to run naturally without pain

to gain better control over complex movement-coordination,

in running, jogging, Nordic-walking, tennis, golf, surfing and all other sports were more efficiency, ease or suppleness is desirable

to deal with knee injuries in a creative way

to discern muscular tension  and to find ways to dissolve them

to up-grade own abilities and to augment motivation

to find unnecessary effort in movements and how to let it go


To ease discomforts

 the wish to move without pain

to prevent from constant spraining of the ankle

to reduce the number of head-bumps

to ease chronic shoulder,-neck and back problems

to regain movability  after lumbago and intervertebral disc problems

to deal with rheumatism and arthritic discomforts

to suss out the heritage of headache

to improve digestion decidedly and to calm down irritable stomachs

 in case of circulatory problems,  prevention and ease of  varices and haemorrhoids

in case of foot-problems like spray foot, fallen arches, to reduce flat foot and  repeatedly ingrown foot- nails,

Fußprobleme, wie Spreizfuß, Senkfuß oder Nagelverwachsungen zu verringern,   

For the rehabilitation of idiopathic sudden sensor neural hearing loss (ISSHL) / sudden hearing loss, vertebrate disc compression and after operations               

to prevent headache, migraine-attacks and neck-pain

 to breathe with ease.

As a supporting measure in cases of breathing-difficulties


To improve psychological processes

to deal with burn-out-syndrome

in case of psychosomatic disturbances like tinnitus, insomnia (sleeplessness), chronic digestion problems like Morbus Crohn,

to gain self-confidence

to develop natural self-respect

to draw on hope from vivid movement

to gain confidence in the process of finding new solutions by finding solutions in movement-tasks

to be more stable in relationships with others by finding own dynamic stability

to reclaim joy in life

to get a better contact with yourself, to be more sensitive in what is good for you, better self-treatment