Are you interested in the Feldenkraiswork and you like to book a lively lecture from a fascinated teacher that goes beyond pure facts?

No matter if wish a lecture for your organization or company, if your interest is private or if you are searching out of a public area: I’m prepared to meet your individual wishes and preservations.

Following topics are generally available; in the braces you will find a very short compendium:

  • Introduction to the Feldenkraiswork

(Who?/What?/How?/When?/Why movement as a starting-point? FI and ATM=reversible?/ Examples and practical examples/to vanquish limits of performance)

  • Sports and the Feldenkraiswork

(short inaugural / Feldenkraispedagogy / Learning made easy /Practical examples: skiing and swimming/ The underestimated coordination/ how to vanquish performance limitations)

  • Feldenkraispedagogy in daily job-routine

(short introduction / Good and bad habits / better coordination = better organization/ The mailman at Deutsche Post AG / Efficiency, to leave away the unnecessary)

  • Martial Arts and Feldenkaispedagogy

(Moshé’s way in the martial arts / To percept similarities and differences / Synergy-effects, good posture as a base / Practical: viable realization of a symbiosis / Outlook)

  • What is good posture?

( “Straight” as a misleading term / The misunderstood relaxation / Some neurology / trial is better than belief / improvement without limits)


If you got interested, contact me personally to arrange an appointment.