Practical Advice

Time of the day

When to visit the lection is basically free, evenings are preferable, one of the main reasons for this is: after a work- and often sorrowful day, the lections will resolve mental and muscle-tensions and the following rest will be all the more refreshing. If you have the chance to rest at home right after the lection, the better. The last meal should date back at least one hour.


After awaking in the morning, still in bed, you should stretch out one or two minutes and try to remember the general feeling, the lection of the previous evening left in you. It is rewarding to repeat one or two movements, which you can still remember. During the day, being busy with other things, you can think about the lection of the previous evening and check, if it induced any changes in you? Some might find this more easy, when they have certain fixed times to do this, even when each time lasts only a few seconds. Every time you remember the lection of the previous day, it gains foothold and the following steps being be built upon that, can be accomplished easier.


The duration of a lection is about one hour.

To use the available time best it is advisable to arrive at the site 5 minute before the lection starts.

How often one repeats the movements, depends upon his own tempo, but it is not at all demanded to stay with the group all the time. To find an own leaning-speed is one of the fundamental objectives. It’s free at any point, to stay with a interesting movement and to get back in the instruction later on. The lections are not about completeness but depend on the personal experience and the discovery of something truly new.

How fast somebody executes the movements is also not determined and with advancing experience it is desirable and possible, to perform the movements both, as slow as possible and as fast as possible. Fast doesn’t mean hasty.


A place to learn

The lections in awareness through movement are done on the floor, please bring a carpet or a mat. The free space has to be big enough to stretch the arms and legs out to both sides, without being disturbed by the neighbour or objects. Who has difficulties to get used to the floor in the beginning, should bring a big blanket.

For whom it is difficult to lay on his back, should bring a suitable support for his head, knees etc..



The less the better, but what clothes ever: they should be comfortable and hinder neither movement, nor breathing. No buttons or zippers on the back! Jeans stitches are also a problem sometimes.


To rest

The students are always encouraged to take a rest: That means to lay on your back flat and comfortable, the legs long, the arms next to the body and the eyes- at least for the beginning -closed. The breaks are also instructed by the teacher, but it is desirable and possible at any time in own responsibility.


How to get up?

After taking a rest, getting up should be very slow, to not lessen the effect of the lection. Turn to one side, then come to your front side by bringing the knees and arms closer to the trunk and use the arms as a support to lift the upper body slowly until a crouched position, one hand on the floor between the knees, the other outwards (left or right) of the legs and then straighten slowly! -until you reach an erect position.