Awareness Through Movement

This part of the method is learned in mixed groups of all ages. The movement explorations are guided by the spoken word and the learners implement them, according to their personal possibilities. This way, everybody can participate (even in spite of heavy restrictions) in her or his own way.


Every lection (duration about 70min) has a clear topic. The bandwidth reaches from everyday moves (like standing, grabbing, sitting or walking) to complex, unusual moves in multiple plains (like a Judo-roll or headstand). The topics depend on your interest and abilities and lead from simple to more complex tasks. There are no special physical requirements to start participating.


The movement tasks are solved with awareness and this way conditions are established in which unfavourable habits are identified and new possibilities can be integrated into the self-image. You will learn to improve and alleviate your walking standing, sitting, bending, and your visual abilities.

In this context awareness means no more, and by no means less than to be awake and to know exactly what you are doing and how you do it, in the moment you are acting.

The success of the lections depends on a principle, derived form the martial arts: only to apply the “least necessary effort”. You are looking for the solution of a movement task that is considered to be resolved successfully, when no unnecessary effort is made for its completion.

The criteria for “good” or “correct” in Awareness Through Movement® is always, that it is easy to be performed.

Strain even has an adverse effect because it reduces the sensory accuracy. Less effort is equivalent to biomechanical effectivity and enables you, without being taught in particular, to make use of your nervous systems ability to self-correction and to become better.


Oftentimes the training results in immediate relief and results in a pleasant enhancement of flexibility, a better posture and general wellbeing.