Being a pedagogic method, the privilege of medicine is questioned in no way. The method is not appropriate, in all cases of acute or possibly acute medical incidents and when the significance of the problem is still unexplained.

Including (not complete):

  • Acute medical discomforts could be: bleeding, infections, spasms, burning, frostbite, unusual strong pain, abnormal heartbeat, exceptional changes in bodily constitution etc. .
  • Acute damage to the bone-structure or the muscular system: fractures, comminute fractures, bruises, muscular rips, torn ligaments etc. .
  • Acute psychological problems (severe psychosis, acute neuroses, acute psychological shock-situations)
  • Medical emergencies
  • To “strengthen” the muscles ( harmonious development and natural movements usually require no special “training” for the muscles at all, often it is even hindering and causing pain/ restrictions)
  • To “stretch” the muscles (muscles are no “elastic bands”, their length and tension is organized by the nervous system and therefore mechanical “stretching” is at no time what we want to do or to achieve in the Feldenkraiswork)