Prvention Courses & Healthcare

There are appraisals that whereupon a third to half of the German population is suffering more or less severe damage of the spine, that are affiliated to long and wrong sitting habits. So the term widespread public disease is chosen properly. Single sided posture, like sitting screen-work became an underestimated strain for millions of office-employees. Meanwhile it is known, that many afflictions like muscular pain and tension in the neck, digestive problems, impotence and infertility can be ascribed to akinetic desk-work. The economical costs generated by these malfunctions are hard to quantify.


Preventive measures objective is to maintain or to improve the health-condition of the population or particular groups of population. Because prevention is not only a task for medicine but an interdisciplinary responsibility, the Feldenkraispedagogy renders an important contribution.

Anchored in law

The “support to prevent disease, company healthcare and prevention of work-related health-threats and funding of self help” are ruled in §§ 20 to 24b SGB V.

Both the individual lections as well as the group lections in awareness through movement are splendidly suitable as measures and activities, to strengthen and improve the health resources and potentials of the participants. Especially the critical actions of sitting, standing and walking are subject to the lections.

The lessons are inducing a process, that enables humans to enhance the determinants of health and that way improve their health sustainably. In the form of movements the individual person is enabled to enlarge its knowledge and abilities and thus indirect social, economic and environmental beneficial aims are achieved at the same time.

If you and your company are interested in a preventive program characterized by the Feldenkraiswork, following offers could match your requirements:


  • Workshops (one or more days)

  • Weekend Seminaries

  • Regular lessons at your site

  • Lectures about the theory, methods and principles of the Feldenkrais-work as a start into practical work

  • Courses (for example 10 dates of one and a half hour)

  • Courses and Workshops with special topics like: sitting, standing, walking or visual perception

  • Individual lessons for you and your staff


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