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„Who is aware of what he is doing, can do as one pleases”- Moshe Feldnekrais

So simple but yet an ideal in realization, often it is hard for us to be in the "here and now" with all our senses. Are you aware, while reading these lines, how you are sitting, standing or lying down? More in detail: which buttock carries more weight and is your head balanced on the spine so fine, that it can move to all directions with the same ease, the neck is free and relaxed?


That’s what the Feldenkrais-Method® is about. In group-lessons Awarenes Through Movement® as well as in the one-to-one situation Functional Integration®, this ability is used to create conditions, in wich you can learn in an optimal way. Learning is not like in school but defined as an exact differentiation between two ways of doing something.


If you watch somebody, who is really good at something (maybe Lionel Messi, football player dribbling artist), you can be stunned how easy he makes it look and a close thought may be: he must be gifted, inherent or something similar. He makes no big deal about it and there is something about the way it looks, easy, supple and one may call it “beautiful” or “graceful”, how he is swirling around the defence players.


But our common explanation is very inaccurate: nobody can walk after birth, nor can one speak. Even the ideal person must learn, what is so easy for him to do now. If one would have observed Messi very accurate, it would have been striking, how he eliminated all the unnecessary in what he was doing, step by step. He couldn’t do any of it, when he was a baby he had to learn everything from ground up. How he learned it and how he is doing it now, is of much more interest for us than what he is doing, if we like to improve ourselves. If we wish to do better, it will take convenient learning to make progress. The more delicate the learning process will be, the more comprehensive our progress.

We will move on quicker, so the opening quotation becomes true and we can “…do as we please”.